Fairline Fencing

The most common fence repairs involve replacing posts which have rotted at ground level and subsequently broken in heavy winds. We can often replace individual posts and rebuild the fence without any need for replacing larger sections at great expense. We can advise on choice of posts both in timber and concrete and increase the life of the structure of your fence by design.

Gates frequently drop on their hinges, drag on the ground and the bolts and catches no longer line up properly. Sometimes the hinges present were not suitable in the first place for the weight of gate. Other times it is actually movement in the post or wall to which the hinges are attached which is causing the problem. Whichever it is, Fairline Fencing can assess and fix it quickly. We carry a range of good quality hinges, catches and bolts to suit your particular requirements. When necessary, we can supply and fit a new gate from a range of styles at the best value for money.