GPS Perimeter Systems

GPS Perimeter Systems Limited are experts in the provision of cost effective external perimeter security systems for detection of intruders outside - before they can do any damage. We specialise in fence security, perimeter security and infrared systems. The latest addition to the extensive product range is the revolutionary SIOUX Fence protection system, based on 3D MEMS technology. This provides extremely flexible and accurate detection on many different fence types and structures. Many of our systems are now IP compatible, some with PoE (Power over Ethernet) capabilities, including the SIOUX Fence protection system, ERMO482X Pro Microwave Barriers and the Murena Microwave Sensor. Contact us for more details. Certain products are now approved for UK Government use. Please contact the CPNI for more information. New technology is also available to detect attempts to steal or interfere with copper cables and fibre optic cables running in ducts and cable troughs.