Southern Decks

We are pleased to offer a choice of standard timber sub frames or for extra longevity and increased safety - Galvanised Steel sub-frames, the ideal base on which to build a verandah. By reinforcing the posts and ballustrades with steel, there is no timber to create a fire risk or to rot in damp conditions. The sub-frame is easily connected into a grid pattern and the deck boards are fixed directly to the steel joists.

Buying a Deck is a major Investment, so you need to make sure you install the best! All our decking is approved by Liniar, the UKs foremost uPVC Decking Manufacturer. So you can be sure that our build quality and materials are second to none! All are BSI tested - see below. Our approved and trained installation teams consist of experienced Decking installers, many of whom have over 25 years of building knowledge and experience. We will fit your decking with the minimum interruption or fuss, conveniently and quickly.