1. I am selling off an area of paddock land for development and need a temporary boundary fence in place, pending installation of a full 1.8m close boarded fence by the builder later this year. The temporary fence needs to cover a flat, straight, run of 32.5 metres. This could be constructed from the posts and rails of existing paddock fencing now in place on the site, which is to be removed.

2. I also need a quote for the full permanent run of fencing, which I might choose to instal immediately. The full run is 65 metres, flat and straight. The requirement is for 1.8m high close boarded or panel fencing.

3. A further replacement fence is required on the northern boundary of Applewhite House, to replace a fence which is now dilapidated and not fit for purpose. The run for that fence is bout 60 metres. The requirement is again for similar 1.8m high close boarded or panel fencing.

I also require a low height picket fence along the road frontage of Applewhite House replacing or resiting, about 2-3 metres behind its current location. This run is about 25-30 metres in length.

4. I also need an area fencing off near the road frontage to accommodate a new water mains terminal. The area will be approximately 3 metres square, fenced to a height of 1 - 1.5 metres, with pedestrian access gates on 2 or possibly 3 of the sides.