Top Tips for Flawless Fencing

You have a farm. Therefore, it is important for you to build a strong and long-lasting stock fencing. The best stock fencing will definitely survive the challenges of farm life. So here is how to get fencing right by following a few handy and very efficient tips and tricks.

Guide the Posts

In order to build a hard-wearing, long-lasting, and effective fencing, you want to start by running a single strand of between all the straining posts. The posts will be situated at either side of the fence line. The straight line the wire will create will help you and guide you to easily estimate the best positions for the intermediate posts. It will also highlight any undulations in the ground you should take care of. This method is simple and cost-effective, but very efficient and will help you raise the overall height of your fence.


It is a simple and very effective way that makes tying-off around the straining posts significantly easier and faster and this is by stripping out the last few vertical wires of the fence. It becomes easier for you to work once you do that because you will have significantly more room and space.

Avoid Over-Specified Fencing

Avoiding over-specified fencing is a smart and good way to save up some money from your fencing and its installation. A simple example is that fencing with a larger mesh may be much more sufficient in the cases when you want to keep the animals out instead of containing them.

Straining Posts

It is important to pay attention to the fact that the struts of the straining posts should be long and positioned low when you are installing the straining posts for your fencing. This detail will definitely give you the advantage of creating better resistance to holding the post firm and will significantly reduce the chance of the fencing falling down or getting loose in the future.

Dig Deeper

It is important to make sure that all main straining posts are as firm as possible. You can do that by digging deeper and driving them deeper into the ground. Otherwise, you risk not having enough tension along the fence line which will make the fence less efficient and long-lasting.

Get Tension Right

It is important to get the tension of your fencing right. In order to help the tensioning process, wire fencing is manufactured with a crimp along the wireline. In order to ensure the right tension, make sure you are tensioning your face so that the crimp is about half of its original size. This will help you make sure the fence is tight enough and you will still be able to retain the overall elasticity and flexibility of the wireline. In the case of animal impact, doing this will help you ensure better performance of your fencing.